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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:30am PST

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o >> gsgood:rnood moing.m i's charle aosgoods nd thiis ay sundng morni. cby onel riticae measurthe d' worloms econn y is opea slipry e, slopnw a dowopard slsee gread y by mannsmillioba of s rrelofsu s rpluoil. exthe rocess pn ductioromeans ckbo pttoms.ricea higood tghng, rit? cenot ney-ssaril m- asaarth icteerhnl wilaiexpl on inur stcover ory. >> rteeporher: td goo:news apricese t threpump aay wow dn.>> m i aedthrill . b>> theewad ns? esprict aputhe mp are way down.>> ha wt doeshi tsbo sym?lize t >>hesh cra. >>nk thaso t$30 are barl, oil is th ist whaa few hedundr mi iolllln dosaror wth ofdl ie lidrilng rigsk looliken iwest xa te s. >>he aad on sdaunyng mornihe, tip fl o sidef low oil ps.rice
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m thisorning is saamanth, beesh ree is p fparingor her debutas e a latht nig tv tll stiou fndnd foue timtosp wieak ths. u>> me forrai dly swhoul regarsa hamant i beebos aut to tread e wheromfew ween hav t daredo go. na fially an wom t inhe's boy oclubatf lige nht teonlevisi.lo loksshike noe kws jatust wh itak tes to make it. >> the hrai inds ki of my look.>> but ius jt got all myai hrcutof f. t >>rust mite, is very tr atveacti . >>am saanthee bfu's "roll f"ntal oaapproch t cy.omedte afr we fhinis ourea t,er mlot. >>he t rockup grodp collay isrm wa fing upor aer vyh higpr peofile ncrformate nex syunda gh eyd th l arengeavihi notong t an ch aces anynthoon masil wl
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o >>n an land soue,stag claoldpyha ees bneh rgearsin fort nexsu 'sndayer supl bowft halime ow sh . >>ou yas blyical cereat thest thage seameiz s ie its a r supe sbowl?tage>> , yesul hopefly.>> later ony sundani morng -- >> the ancudie ae, ga million thson ree.>> ihi thrnk tazee gonilliac lytual . w >>inatchgol cgedplay t ready th for est biggeig g ofir the .career . >> k>> tal a aboutig bak bre, actor obobkdenkir mad teheum jp from s ainupport rgole iakn "breing t bad" so thegtarrinol rne i ase ariestsll i own. heks talbo autt tha sftrantiormaiton weh leow can.>> i got aal cl f--rom t >> iaris rhae tt ach catsephra be mecoans ir ente show,nd at i isar rer still toav he a -ospinhaff ttct ayualluc sedces st pa s onen.easo i >>st iw shoe, timks fol.>>
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>> "tbecater aull sl"s in ain lecredibe roliand know it. h >>ow a frormeom cedytc skeh er writ h foundis dtiesny inam dr la, oaterny sunda >>aj morre gartt r feportsrome .iowa eydean rexnolds tplainshe tw trusesorthin ps oficolital >>ta srt,ve ste hanartm t goesoa i town snhearc of aro gogundhan , d moreirbut fst thehe neadlir s fondthe suayrn moing,he tof 31st ua janry,20 16. t >>he iowa csaucuse aremo toarrow, doies mnes rregistepo elll reased last night shows n clintonwith a edgeve or ntopponen personywith a nd sa ers.he on tli repubcane sidlddona p trumhased widen hisea ldr ovena setor tedru cz. olthat p al hasto hisry of nn uncay aacccury. r aftehamore teen a whek on tru won, tat inmes whoap esced
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hisonbeave rren adeste inn sa mom aanho wni recogzed a e whitmanha ttri authoties say h headto slen led to theirca e.ptur >> t ardhian mne tureld himsf inon friday.e then phatagon sid deced noto tde fmoterormey arm galener and a ci dtoirecavr didet praeus formi dlshange linif classiedfo inn.rmatio aepetr pusleadedui glty last a yearnd was g tivenwoea yrspr nobatio by aud jge whoal cled ac his tion aio serus lapse in dg ju.ment scthe reenct aorsld guiwa ard in anlos s gelelastee wk,es bt castin m a,ovie sigpotlht. n >>oay w.>> inel tioevisn,ct aoref jfrey w-- fonor hiser panformcen i an trenspart. 9 >> 5 ayearsgo.>> for theea wcather, oslm acrsth tre counepy exc wt in aestwh ere a storm d willrop r aainndow snsp, elleciay inif d theee wk a,headow iaau ccusvo
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rr tomondow a the bigry sor, or stm ulcowad tkenghi uspro fm a arizontoga michin. >>un groogdhsew bare. >>om cingp u-- >> you know, theil wdes wtco utming o p of myt.ocke ov>> i met. i>> he cpa, oiln boo orn? burde >> andat l,er betobby gs ama .keover
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yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
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sg >> o food:or pineople thepe eutrolsim but ness ihasn bee a ryslippelo spe, alu pnge in oil tprices ahat isn boo ftor mos s of uis ait calamyor f s d it i jnotust prsroduce er ovakseas tthing e hit.ou ovr cerry sto isep rdorte now m byarthaei tchner. >>or repter:le hallujah. t >> iisre gat, you know, a lot c lessouoming mt ofyoc pket. >> ie lovt. i >> gas u2 nder $aal glon. >> i amil thrled. >> uernd a dlaolr0. 5 >>t las yr,ea ppumri pcesut pn a tr ex15a $1li bilnon iri amescan' s.pocket>> ri the pce of oil hasip dped lobew $30 a barrel. it is alld, gooht rig? e onbigst boo to theco enomy.
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t >>hesh cra. >>el wl, not so fast. >> in westex t $as,30 are barl moileans a dpeeeningco ecnomidi ersast .ha >> wt iss? thi>> i its all driingon ctotracr's .yard ow>> nur, d tinghem, booha wtwo tuldhisav h ledookeik le?>> mp templemply ety. >> oil fldie cltonsu mantike sc rahio, t psngarki lotor f lidrilngs rigym szebolis theam oericanil and gastr indusyin gorog bke. j in tustthe lasr, yeae morha tn 900 rsig were, idled the u.s. l,totan dowpe 60 t.rcen s >>oac eeh on ofhe tse rsig re esprtsenow han m uylonempyed lepeop? w>> iould 1 say,000ac eh. >> eonach e?>> ol absy.utel >>nd a how m yany donkou thi are in sittge? her >> we quitin countheg wn they t go tintohe. 30s >> oen th roadet bweenla midndan dss odeta, is i a tllhere to
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caed by low price oil. >> the aonuctis lot forvy heaui eqnopment r longede need.r fothe rssepossesed car and uc trf ks o pthee eopl hwhoavelo stir theob js. thep pumac jkst than' aret mp puing.>> al a gloatn of wser ior wth hamore tlln a ga con of orudeil ghriowt n. r >>eally? >>h yea.ab tesolu ly.ha >> tt'sno ather drigllin rigth sat ith nor of town.>> il unt he was laidff oas lt ngsprike, mias rco mead 17, 80 1,0ol drsla d aayee oversing pr ecoj fts aoraj mor oilco y.mpan >> wwiorldde, theloi and gasin rydust hasut ce mor than27 j5,000 sobs, oinceil prices ed peaker at ov10 $0 a barreln imi .d 2014>> hy w? forta srters,d deman foril o .fell hein tt, pasc ope hasut cpr tioducon ines re.ponsno t thise. tim
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coseaphed, tpt assumsion wa thatpe oc would unnderpi the oilic pre byut ctingdu pron,ctio butth e keyil oro prsduce inhe t , gulfarsaudi iaabnd a a theot her gulfte stasai sd we won't t cussunleth oer peeopl. cut >>an dieler ygin isic ve anchairm ofhs i,n ate iniornat inaltinformaon mp coany, andhe t prulitzeri pze nn wiauing othorhef tri paze, orhisty of. oil >>di saura ababia's rasic sttegyis ton maitain itst markeha sre in aba glol oil m aarket,nd istu ac sally ag tartinfopoint r .them a >> et thexpensee of evrybody ? else>> es y. >> sgao ben ae huggame ofic chken, wudith saira abia and peits oc perartnsp pumingl ful t,blassi rusaoo t. a >>ndn the uitedta stes.yo u hrdea of benrackpi pumngwa iterntoha sle ftormaions to ee frd har toet gt aoil andas g.
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un sitedstate snluddey waspr inoduc lg aot moreil h muc tfohat trhe f tirstime 4 inar0 ye as werexp engortit. i >>.s u. oildu pronctiot wen frommi 5 bllion aarrelsay d in 2008to il 9.7 mlionrs bea a dayn iap rilf o5, 201he in otrds wor, ou.s.ilro pduct aionlmost ub doinled at a mofter t jusafe we yars. d >>gurin theoo gdrs yea, anmidldd an oadessex tas -- samest inory th nora dakot. >>as bed on $100 are barl, oiltr enneepre bursd orrowebillion ardollsf o drsollao t bntuy io e th bzaonan. >> wrsorkeno k tckedohe til o tc pa h. i >>rd heabo allut a t ofhis big smoney,o iht thougou i cld geta lelittie p ocefha tt, pie i ossupp
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ai trlempr ca os,not cs inhu crchha lls.>> n thehe tri pcesh ianksn large part to c'shina inslowgno ecomy. >>he tau sdis andir theul gf e statgh neiitbors wirh the deep etpocks and lowos cilt opr tioducepon kt pngumpi and d settleaiinto wt forir the itcompetors tonc flih. i >>f psriceon ctotinue beow l,we woulde bable tota withsndt i afor long,g lon time. t >>hema chairn of aoramche t ud saite sta owned oil cnyompa rl eaisier th m.onth f >>ngeeli theai pn indd anitio to t uhednite states, raussind a neveelzua.d anthedi saus hopera i an,bout c to bomeinack to the oilar mket a in bigay wft a terhe lngifti ofct san.ions >> t gheulfnt couries are ceconvindt tha iran has a plotto ir enccle tdhem ano sthiss i lyrealus not jt about ohail tt
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ou abet thur fute of tidhe mdleea st. >> mhieanwle, everyay dhe t dworl isdu procingom sngethi alike monilli a and halfor me rr baofels oiln tha itds nee. th e ern is aeaoc onf itut oth ere. inas msivege stora tanks, andgh ritow n, at l 1eastil00 mlionba arrrels e sitnting ike tanrspa arkedt sea.>> s thi pastee wk, thece pri of rocrude ose tea n6 rly $3a , barrelon the merest sspoiliby itatthhe t russiansan d ssaudiht migk talut abo gcuttindu proction.bu tve enf i it hneappeopd, spingup t thaur splusl wilak tee, tim ic whlh oild fie cltonsu mantike o rasconknows ly too well. >> youe jokndarouer hein sayg athingskire picng uy p, theare g pickin hup the, ouse atheyreck pi ting uphe cyoar, uno kw. it isry evebody just, its hit odeveryb ay justds har m butaybe infe difayrent ws. w >>ishat r youti situaon?
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at whmy i do in busouess tf, o mypi , ckupit's gone. ifmy we ises strsed, sashe hbe enos hlipitaovzed ller a ofth is.>> e mik rascous jtts wano tan hg oon t his home. n heever livedis lavhly,ve en hwhenule cod c heouldth wea terhead b s.time born r anddaise iwen st tasex, ithiss f thehourt bheust as h dlive tghhrou.>> he knowst iil wl. end h aseoo lksor fk worve ery, dayhe just wonders wn.he >> howis hard t io tp keeou yr le mora up?>> i itsve or.i on d't -n'- i dote havmo anyre evaluef lt. aim out of. pride i ahaveif beauteul wif t andwo good b tabieso takear ce i itse becaut i wan btoe ago odba husnd.i bwillooe a gdil oenman wht ime cos back ad.roun
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>> o >>d:sgoo n andow a page from sourdauny mngornilm a,anac nujay arst31,96 1 51,ar5 yeags o to y.da th dae y ahi canmpzeule wod ld booly g w nhereo man had gone rebefo. r fo wthatas the disana alo haded tamhehi cmpo int a
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biortaetl rocke ridm frocape na cal.vera asit wri a t ralunad ahef o icamerfia's anrst mnedpa scemi iossn. ckthe roet lifdte off just fobere nn,oo butit whin a mutinebe vegan g erinerhighn tha in .tended ea instd of a miaxmum aitltude of mi 115 hles,am sdoare 1il57 mes. upth gedrounre cwon meditoris h vi talns sighe as eiexpernced mbothoreei wesghtls snesand ngstroer gce forhas tnnn plaed. i>>en th, endam h'sap clesu ov sher tothe dnaesigtedtl acanti n oceainlandgpo sts a well, by mo reha tn00 1il mes. t buterroophe that was, hamwa sov rec ierednoo gd psihylcash aape,hend til trae hla bzed s waowfollited w ahin msonth by iarussnos cutmonai yur ginagar amand aneric asct eleugronoht,
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me beca an instant snimiae cleb, d anen wt on to a enjoy lhyengt co searnd ceer onol sidun grod atth tie na zonalnoo ias wtohingn. iehe ddn i3, 198 athe t agef o. 26 f farromgo fortten, ala pquema rks ham's g aravet n theew xi meusco m oeumf space htoisry inmo alao.gord >>fo next r aol picital unannontceme .is thti porfon oy sundang morniis sreponsod byru pl.dentia
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ngallees. ur yoy bodmawas orde f ttbehier tthngs an rh eutoma aidhrrtisit. fobeoure y y and oureurhlomatogist vemoa to ogbiolic, ifask ja xels nz it righyofor u. lj xeisanz ll a smail pl adfor wults ithdemo trateveo seare r r foetwhom mathotrexe nodid wt workell. xe z ljanrecan duce jo paint in s andinwellg s in alelitttw as eko wes, heand tolp srtp fuher jo maint dage. z xeljanwecan lo r yourabitil fy to iighttinfecons, in includbeg tuosrculis. ouserioms, sesetimfa intal iofectns, ly mampho, an hed otncr cahaers apve hd.pene t don't staranxeljz ouif ye havnfan ionecti. te inars s thechtomaor es ints,tine lo w d bloo ccells,ount hiand gherer liv a testsnd escholl terolsleve hhaveneapped. uryoto docour shld orperfoom blstd tes rebefo s youtart d ane whilngtakija xelnz, d anmor nitoaicertven listr tes. ytelldoour ictorf weyou n re igia reon
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d anouif ye havtbhad , tihepab tis ,or c aorrore po ne tctinfe.ions xe z ljanrecan duce th mpe sy otoms,f ra wevenutithoho metattrexe. k as ryouratheumtologis xeabout ljanz. >>sg o iood:ns thiam cpaign , season mtrusthee is tes msageof every c'sompany tv itoposdeion eyan rssnold now tputs i to the test.>> thisio electns iouabt the ncessee of acameri,bo allut a of w ushoee ft l ouof place in our n owtrcouny.>> nt i spe myif le finightg forch untry.>> a theresere tho whoay s we nn caefot deat a cptorru on ecomy.>> yo if reu a luckyug enoh tove li i inowa or new hreampshi,po calitisl adik lese three ast juut abo y allou see onte vileonsiow n. >>po hip. >>ri ct. ne >> olo belws. o >>ne bwselloke malary. a
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to toundhee. sam >> i hi, am gil figulbrndht a pethe hoople w bolankrl my ti polirecal caler teli me amru g nnin pforntreside. e so heri am. >>ai what, wt was that? >> iot may ne bfi qualibeed to es prt,iden but a dmaracti caamerag lie caiaforne mak meoo lk like a pderesint.>> k mar it. >>es hont gil figulbrht isn't a al reom cpany, he's an actor and is ths i sairate thahat bseenvi mewedore t3 han iomilln times s oniaocled mia. >>as ide,ie poliches, trese ath dings ion't need,i what d nee $ isio2 bill n. ma>> it ukes yock chule, but e theris aio serntus poi to histc pi h. h >>se ius jtne shi ago lightn ow hool piaiticrens ati rounelybe ibing bredy bpe scial itntereslo s,bbyistwa and s tyingheirte vos in theiror fav t, andhepe hoople wef are lt outre a we, e thicameran people.
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reof reps,sent uhe tra gssts roo ga ortinizaond behinil g ghfulbri it thatrks woing to ss pa c lawsngombati the ue infl mnce ofoneyedes interts inri amecan ps.olitic>> to beuc sfucessl you would ed ne to havehe tse guysn ico ssngree votin agastha tyer selfnt ierest,? right>> el watl thhy's w were a doingwh e at w dare.oing>> i heski talbong aheut tad agvante tond e runhi wasngtonan egd bin byus focing onoc lalve go,rnmentld buiaing mtovemen tfrom gheround up. w >>e knowha tt wtoashingn isno g t goin tto fixhis pemrobl meany ti soon. onthey d'tix fny agthin any time hesoon tseay ds.e thlaonly pce tthhat isere abr light rightowight n is inhe t escitind a stetas. ro >> fm its oinffice lo frence,ma sessachueptts, r uresentsbr toought ergethn ael unlikyal celian .e thup gro's aordvissnc ilude pu reanblics, draemocts,
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et stre and the tea py,artve en ra disgced lisobbytk jacab fframo s, whoerved sereval s yeariner fedalso priten afr in benvg coicted onsf copiracyo t ib brmbe meofers gr coness. an>> dss cra nsever i the ti poli dcaltoirecr ofre repsent . us oudo yd fins thiis aar biptisan su is e? i >>a am rliepubcan andns coveervati fs are uedpit wh amthe fount oru corn,ptio the d,frau w the aastendbu asen i ve gontrnme . a were all eensslytial paying aco onrrupti tauax becse ofse tho le probms ine govntrnme. w sonte wa reform. re>> repssent uts wan toto sp delecte oiafficakls ting moneyom fral species interhets tyre tegula . embar thro fmak tingob js as yilobbafsts tervi leang office, atea lst forer seval years, mi lirt theiat donions from yi lobbsts, andce foror tiganizaicons whhun fd ti polical atidversing to lo discirse theor dons. w >>eno kw ttha piaoliticns are ngspendiof most t theirime
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no doeyrs, thto need n liste tous . >> in nr,ovembeep rresent us rbackedeformsse pasd inne mai,at setlean and snc fra,iscond a e therarela porns for meal blot iainits tivethis year.>> hi. on>> hgiest ls i notct ayuall inrunngnd a youan c'tct ayuall voteor fim h,or nul cod ynou ith 14e 20tu ken sckyeenatac re.>> av i he aee datp-seed love forke kyntuct thaisec dirtlypr tioporalon m ttohet amoun of y moneei raishe tre.25 ce pernt. pl[ ap ]ause ut>> bwa he sso sssucceful backth aens ad- funinraisehg vicle thfor eep rresent us c,ause tath h he baseenle ed vateto t bheig .time >> i amun r fningorre pntside, , surey whno t. >> i am rngunni fors preident. >>ol pitics isas ey tood pary. >>im jmy s heagulleeas bng makin li poltica ads m forthore an a cade wde, heaseh bonind e ofhi arllnty clion's mostem morables
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>> im a lngooki out forou y.>> ande hai sd he isen gyuinel es imprhos bid nest. gil >> hi, im a gil fhtulbrig i and ov appreve whatesr it iy me wif utis abo r todea offs thite omlepr.pter he>> tin actg,y? oka nv conginci ? y >> ieah, mean,ct ayuall'd i ke liha to imve h as a cnyompa.i k thine therplare iacesn the tr counouy he c.ld win >>hi ts pntresideialio electn is ct expe bed toe the most pe exinnsive is h.toryer the aredi prections thepr wiocess llmo cost hare tn$1 io0 bill n. >> 1ll0 biion.>> gilul fhtbrigl wil be ndremiusing t ofhart fo the ynextear. andha tt's a promise hent iends to keep. >> ise promii that willk wor y everday tore misdihact ttan
7:25 am
inconto ue tourip y off. le >> pase gout o there aknd tal - to-o datl litroe corwd wk. >>, yesbe may. ti>> soll tom ce, ay ver busy hasamant. bee >>et lo's d it. >>nd a - later- >>dp collay.
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>> he tse are mepiltsos inhi wch emto rr embe wtheeek.>> aeo makver forar bbie. be,arbi a youre buteaulif. >>om s57e rs yeaer aft herli sm imand treb dut- -te matlay ss it ais nowbout toff oerar bbie in reth aeitddnaiol newod byyp tes,cu rvy,al tl,nd ait pete.>> i shes a blsoeinged offer in n severe diffennt skion t22es, eye colors, a4nd 2ai hlerstys. he >> tak meoisver a reesponso t it crmicisha tet th onarigil iebarbsn doeoo't lk like l aot itof l gtleirlshe tseay ds. e thgechano als arsppea b toe a
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d,un down everyr yea since12 20. en ev s so,eombi bareti crics adalreey ar sthaying e new -c sodalleas fishiontain le still tputs moohucmp esiha osn shfaanion d arappeance.>> o sl wilwthe nehi fasonsse ll?e as wn say ihe t news b,iz oynlti lme wil tell. >> ou if ydo're eving g erythtng rig ndbut fiha it arderdend hartor y, get bou yno're ont ale. ouwhile ler peop worknglorser houow for leser wag, al amostewll nom ince go thes to p e to1%. n my plae -- maktrwall seet s bankthand are ultrich thpay faeir hair sf re os,taxe idprovvie liagng wes wofor g rkinlepeop, en esure pqualoray fen wom. m i' sbernie.anders ap i e prov mthis essagee becausertogeth, anwe ce makpo a calitilul revotion d antecreaec an yonomd ancrdemothacy orat works f all
7:28 am
have you had yourre pictu witaken th ala berck pson yet? >>el wonl, i dnk't thi so,ut b i ul woindn't mgd doin it. t >>hat'shi sometngou you wld be inwill tg tory.>> , whyta cer.inly re>> thele are pfnty o them. i >>no kw. >> do youav he any ofup them n imo ntana. ou >> y w know,e. don't >> it isun sdayor mning ande her ai aghan is crlessg oood. o >> ssgood: ahe isus byee b,ma santha bee,he tr forme is a ir hasi-rairong pt spec msomeightsa y.ts al tchuls rackherow dn. >>er hee sh c.omes re hees com theea butyt, shoh, o yes.>> to pteromo her dayeb dut aes on t ofewhe fen wom onat leht mig - tv - >>h, oy mh. gosat thoo loks s good. >> frormeai dlyw sho
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7:30 am
rg taetit but wh herwn ost twi. >>y m shown oeb fac--ook >> nd >> a fooacebk rndespoed. >>h, o very feakry, veak fe. el>> wl, you got me. i am so sorry.>> h'sere o thenarigil >> ted c druzotid not sho a nt paher.>> i he ussees lits wh a. gun >> theol raslout h notn beeth wifeout a uw bmps. >> someone tedweet me aph raotoghaph tst wa iann "vity ir faic" wh ah wasll of the malela igte nhtos hts ainll k odf ys boch on airs withti marnis and ks drinnd a just,mi welcong youin heto tldir worut b i meanth reere wee lik015f o them, and asi winn't thetu picre. me i an it fel lthike ere was a ac spere wht e id woul bhaveeenwi o th s teasyoo alsut pin me pithe e.ctur >>nd aou yea alrdyer weub plicly in go bg toe in thatds lancape. >> yes,o s ius jutt pys melf ine thtu picre.>> i askedhe tmo t ahaveho pto elof mys tf ashete cenrit whla r se.eyes
7:31 am
>>y the just -- iust jtec baame wh thole ing. i >>t beecam t ihingn a veryun ciantid pate awaytnd i felt so hegrapd byha tt.>> it wasd, goo i tdappeo int a el feing. l>>eatig nhtel tioevisnas h blongeen an' mas w.orld >>ew f womenuc sedceed.>> no matter,s sayth saman baee. a>> im ditefinotely nat creing shthe ndow a tnkhiabing touthe ig wehtf oha tt. >> d ion'thi tnk i canak me asi ngleok je,t ibewould ra panglyzi . h>> iaved milra, extil m id, n havea o idewhatha tt one is. d anir heaea rlly goodhi tngs ou abt thatng elish br.ange>> ct ay uall kyounowt? wha >> ihi tnk iki am ondfe don th wisa sauges.>> youht migal cl's beeed comydi lyvinepi insre, gwiro ungp in nttoroheo, st wen to cliathoc ho scwhol, shere eel devoped a riseous c.rush>> ite wand to marry himo sba
7:32 am
atebooktoo schel, lik -->> es jus h ct,hrisy m dadse ud utto p h the in.>> if so id saio tyouhe tam ne be rortel powoul, would y know o wh wthatas? >> oh,ua actilly 't don, who isro bert? o >>h,t. waima yoybe u do. >> oh! iyes, do,. yes > ts hat'myus >>t' thas mylt aus ou>> y are aon strecg sondch .oice t >>heres i nome sha inng beie thr- runneup. o>> t j yesus,es, a solid nerumb2. ha>> ttol sidbe numr 2 is her al actund husba,ct aor andpr eroducon jas j.ones ey th m0 et 2syear a.go asit wes jon who cnconviered hto a join ke scotch medyup troe. >> i didt iiand ov led it. >> dailyw sho pduro ccersame to
7:33 am
sh osignedn aes on ofts i ccomedior repters03 in 20. >>u so yoan c e'tvenon go thera ymdio anornde aon cdemn a e wholofset e peopl to hell twithou gngettiom se bk.lowbac >> w well, yhenou putha it tt it way s doe soundhe ratr ar garo antndpi myoc,na -mrrowd,indeot big.ed>> good,n thee i'von dye m. job>> s yearlater. wi>> we eth havd talke about wi poutt.aten alwe tboked aut this.>> beeay ss she ledearnot a l j fromteon s.wart>> w hisork ethics imp ie,eccabl ea he rislly thest firn persoto t gee therthand eas lrst peoon t av lee. i and k thinadwe hin a k odf dofreeatm th isll reay pa unelrallthed in ldat woro t al relyxp e wlorewehat thoughtwa nns fundy a to go i outn the world.ho ngw loe hav byoueenri mared. >> ?li tke aanhousrsd yea . >> well reayul shodic practese cond base. h>> bot bee and jones left thesh asow lt year, not longef bore
7:34 am
>>n' didt sheer desve a sathot dathe ily show? >>t, hosam saanth bee. >> w she houldbeave en a ifterricos ht,es y. yeah, autbsol bely,-ut ->> why not?>> youre a g toingo t haveo ask pothe twers bhateco at medyce l ntrathatst queion. >>ra frustte you,ho tugh. t>> i is aou tghhi tng,ou i wld imsay ibposshile tfng ore inplacg the iacrrepleable. he>> tse days,lo ang with rathising reeir theld chiren, theyre ah botcu exetive ucprodofers jonesom upcingbs t dy come d, theetour.>> ari spi ytedngou. man >>ee s, sodomebkey lise. m >> he's an i.diot>> andhe tyot bh p "roducefull l"fronta . >> is t ahatt jore? jok t >> iis any funor wd. ha >> wt do w youtoant ng bri to abthe tole tel hp here mak herrk ma ? >> ink thi iee s my job as aso ngundird boa forer h.
7:35 am
ve i ne wr putords in her. mouth iug sgest, hey couldhi ts be ar sh per?thcould is beni funeris . he>> s oenft iorgnes w me,hich t isro he dmeetrint, but at wh.ever t'>> ise. fin >> jyohnnar cson andid dav le erttn mad rulelate nightor f dedeca cs,eahelsdl haner lastedve sersn yeaan, jo rivers,y onl one. >> myam dres are all pican ms dreawh from ien udse towa .iter athey arell tblerrieic pandr .eams ow>> h do you mreeasuce sucss? >> ink thit thaiil wlsu mearecc su hess byow mh ucim aen ngjoyi theer expe iencequit ne ho.stly e maybthat issh selfi. t bu i feele liki if don't nt coitain twho rethe i enjoydo iting or notil i wl gozy cra.>> soar f, so good.lo lioks heke s ist jusofone ethoy bs.>> ld cou i puty md han on your ?knee
7:36 am
>> iav heev ner felt morebe l.autifu>> ou y look. hot t >>hankou y. >> >> coming up,n i moremm.ia ithise s thfojoy . r me loi reve bad! loi reve bad. noi stw juag man, e it so it don'ysdeny mf eld,brea vei haad brery eveday. th tat'senhe gofius is thgr pro. am
7:37 am
ma wot'n: iens beou a jrney wto get ihere did i dnet't ge here.alon th weere eore pwhple eno listedon althg y.e wa pe leop w ghomeave io optns. mkept te on.rack d anugthro ah itll,my ir rettemen vener legot ehft bind. odso ti'ay, epm predar r fohianyt ngwe an may wt rrtomobeow to . er evsoy dameedy nepls a an. t' lelks tabo aut oyour01ld 4to(k) day. el feol a csod omre coning ?on brly acaeva hen ial at ins
7:38 am
enit ps etrate adeeprtnd sta s to mmwork iiaedtely to ck blo v the airusrond p tectal hecethy lls.. n'dougt to oh itut, kn itock , reabva. necorleo . sg>> o iood:ent happsed thi past week. e thsslo otwf o vaneters of thepu blicta sge. cibuddy anci t washe mayorf opr enovidhoce rslde ifoand r a ltotaf o21rs yea.>> il i wlrt suppohe t ticonsontuti . a >>ur natalit polician,ia cinc fiwas erstedlect19 in 74t age a32
7:39 am
ovice heer tea yrs,he t firstti orme fad pleing noon ctesto t ulassa t. d >>ouid yun pch, him h hitim? he>> ton secd te,imor f a ck rarieteeonng ciovictatn thse hntim tori pnso fouor fdr an ha a lf y.ears>> the dogemicraph osf theit cy chave.hanges>> whenmo our oc rcaau conght e hi m in01 2 h4,eas wak mg ineon utlast fbiile d foray mor,in mushi ras trkdema te.oupe w >>idhy d g youet o ridf the ee toup ? >> w, ell kyou inow, dn'idtee fl eda ne for itmo e therwas noee nd toea wrt i oranym wh s yous ee i ywhatou. get >> but dteespiis h medisdes he s wa bedelov by many for his role inpa sgrkin a dntownowre sanaisinnce ro >>ud bdyia cincas w4. 7>> abe vaigodn' wast ari cl,minabu ft he cirstame toam gepo ngrtrayin one ithe- ->> he wtsano tan arr ageme
7:40 am
n>> ihe t72 19 film the atgodfher.>> pl he aayedst mober a tbouto r bedubbeut oo f trhe actf o aybetrcring imeos bsic mhael rlcoeone.>> l telik mite as w only si bu.ness >> vaigoden wt on to ag lon andre mohe c rerfuluns a aic comde ivtect te onhe tvie sers ba mrneyr.ille w>> youon'tie bel tvehisut b co acg rdinheto tirec r,ords im a eddeceas . >> >> it's pblrobay at misake. >> a mkeistale "peopzi" magane lyactuale madn ihe1982 w int edreferrm to hi as theat lbee avi .godain ea r, lity vabeaigod dtidn' ss pay awaluntihi tst pases tudayni morng. heas w 94. >> >>g comin " up,ngbreakiad b"'s
7:41 am
>> ink thim i all reayrt sma. >> a small r tole inhe hitri seeaes "bradking b" is a bigbr reak fo actorob bde oknkir and p itutim h oen th roado t hisn ow show, aho sw vy,er a road d veryreifferont f om thene hed habeen tliraveng. >> lee cowanas h our sundaypr ofile.>> e i havbi an ality tout p omyselfutre the . >>es y. >> its ial cled proo baroundies. t>> i isal cledom sngethis i ok brnsen ithide at man. >>ro pfeiossllna ty,rehe isce nlrtaithy nobring okenut abo bob odenkirk, auglthoh his ea br rkoutdiole dol invve a lelittea "brking". bad >>i, h i am sgoaul n odmayodid ukn ouow ye havht rigs? stthe inioituts n sayyouo dand o so d i. >> as the srmmaynd uderworl ,lawyerl saun goodmain the amc h smas, seriesldhe cou talk his
7:42 am
he lee de,ionneg resardlfs o ywhato ou m>> m tenesinut, ago go arere eaw ls, have theki gander trtenereachd rea themto , you grab aui jceox b, haave gnap,o on. h >>ome cnes i like aur hnerica, d anashe h a gotll of thesewo e rds, hhas goot sh mucto h say,e justom cesn iue reqnst aav chalan we of.ords>> t wrier pete g couldedreat the archteacbar llsica ay as one f, ofnk odeasirk w suree h 'twouldn lastt pasewa fep .isodes>> yo when uti iniooally tk thero le feaor "bradking b"ou y t thoughulyou wod getle kild off otevery weher ek. ve>> eimry te iro wte acr sipt, i ththougau sodl goman woias gngto . die e'>> h aser pfectra cha tctero .kill >>er "bett call s.aul" >> but okdenkiro smp iressed ouboth gldnd aw shor runne vince ig gillhean tyid decbred "ngeakiba oud" ct ldn' wliveutitho. him nc>> othe wi weea rdlizeu jst
7:43 am
ara cha,cter we sedtarto tre e aliz amoreornd mee who suld m dothore wis thi. guy g >>ood anofteron.>> n eveef b"bore inreakd"g baen tded,wehey hire tgnkin of vi gingde orknkiis hy verwn osp ofin f. c >>omen, o at let's hear it. >> as a rulepi sfsn-ofe hav a etprtyma dis hl.istory t >> ihois simw t fe,.olks ut>> bea alrdy, oirdenkk'spe marfornce ietn "bcater llsa haul" eds earnn a emmy and ld goloen gveom nioinatn fores bt meargun nt iama dra. >> i >> amry sor, il wil n devero ag n. r>> youor honm, i a veryry sor wand iiller nevit do . again d>> i kon't wnoweohy peplde d cideoui cold ds, thi i but amot nng goio t look at it toocl y.osel he>> tre is shiometthng, aerereso eame rrgl atumenew som whereho is not w.orking>> it isre ptty rkaemarbl geenivth atn odekirk wn'ast known for g doina dramat. all
7:44 am
ngmaki hinis livg as a shketc dycomer write i.nstead >> y did wouonit whert whakind rgof aument youou wld be?>> we - were-ha tt's a darnoo gd es qu.tion uswe jokt to aly f lingeap.>> om cedys i in onkdesirk' d,blooha he ens be aap rid fanof ty monho pytncn siehi codldhoan ded ma c aaroueer t ofel inevateg thur absd onge sta. n>> iac f -t- >> i am in the midst ofng bei rvinted iewebyll the i lsuin esdustriun cbs sdayni morngws nero pgram. h >>eed decidhi notldng woue b amored bsurthan too dpartf o theam fous ivmproed comy club e thigup rhtiz citensga bride in ho oollyw d. a>> howre young doi,? man y >>oue haver nevon d aeinnythgli hike t s? >>ev ner onge sta, n dever aonen rvinteiniew nt fro a of liveau cedien before. >>de oisnkirk in well ttohe ctunexpe ied andre am he toote oull y,s thi waser ctainlyat th . >> how often doe peopl comep u y
7:45 am
, thisay stt "beler cal saul"., >>owyou kn, toouc mh.>> one time,o is touc mh. b >>uto alspl peoe get the nameon wrh g whiciso sei w trdoe. m ot >> g to get. sal i >>t is l iike,f youaw sso dymebo 6's0 sminute and it is 3likenu8 mites,ig rht?>> m i alo cse.>> he t fhinksans s hcabingisid tyenti takero him fm the pr imroov gup.>> w you sillee. ilit wl bed. goo >>ch whi rtaeluc antlylso udincle.ed m >>ha tnks,ob b. >>ou ys guy igettht rigd , ani ll win siget som fhingor. you >>au pl -- >> the plauri diaes. >> let'se fact, i heri carede. m >>de oknkirta sedrtri wting comedy ssketchehe wn heas w ingh hil, schoo when he was 14, he asaw ho sw at theam fedec sondci atty thenre i c.hicago nd >> a it c hhangedisif le. >>, manthat was an insonpirati. b >>ecause w?hy
7:46 am
trthease wah wito s great.>> e hve ellntuay got a jobt a se ndco cyitse himwhlf, eere h meted comianhr cisar fley,n, soo th boe wert ardsatuigay nht falive, rley on sgeta, oirdenkk t inhenl s'ste wrir's room.>> i i wblas ae to w tritehesk r.eake ou>> yl wilbe doingot a l of is thn whereyou a living in ava own d tn byheiv rer!it isny fun, the -aysicalvesian er.>> h thoug heor wked withon can br o' aiennd a host ofed comicca imeosdinclung onnf seield. i >>ts i my d, ream awhatbout my mdreaf ongdati ato docr? a>> imor sry,in elae, ilw aays ew kn a ifter was a dr octoiwo duldump who wever iasit wh fiand omnd seone br,ettes that'th eae drm ocof be aming doctor. h >>e is mtos rbeememdreor fis hhb
7:47 am
ow. sh w,boith db anid dav. >> on4t july fh os thi year,am a eric bwilllow up the moon. e>> hie achwhved eat hlw aayswa antedids k andet y,om shietng ilwas stlis msing.>> i did l aot ofke stch cy,omed i enjoy writingd it an inj eoyed beingn iit, but ie havev ner ghthout tihat was -- ion belged er th ae asfo perrmer. t >> ihiss whereol hodlywoet gs wprettyrdei . h >>e never aiouditned for ak"brebaing d" h andadev ner seveneen thew sho butin vcell gi higaneead snim h and saw insomethg innk odesirk'es jok. l>> welu if yo can doed comy you can doma dra. i >>'t don know that theer revse a islwaysce neyssaril true. t ucetty mm h fro gtheet-go. >> ferom thet g-go, theun fny tmanhthougwa it s all a joke. >>ea yh, i reallyut p no hope in it at. all >> it jus went, okay,'s let talk
7:48 am
thbe will a fun l aunchthe t eachatumo mart. >> theye makun f of telhemsves, rsothert staaked tingob bod rkenkiy ver suserioly. >>ir dtoecexr alrandene pay cast himng alo bside druceernn i his ca osrom nteinaild fmra nebska.>> momnd a iav hoke lointg are y alit yandouet b stertart hetoo, t i homes inis hes bt reintest.>> ob bby bobnk odeirk hase becom an acting phoower euse,ven as a cformeromedy shketc writer, tdoesn'ec nriessaelly bieve it el himsf. ti>> i sonll d'tir entelyst tru erthis panformce. thing d >> yoou really? ot>> nir entutely, b i still k thini am ale coup of years awaym frong talkiut abo myself as an a.ctor meand inang it, andel bngievi it semy.lf>> i justnk thi- - comen, oou yha
7:49 am
>> next, ary stoit wh bite. yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
7:50 am
n tha tyone f pe onslice e. s >>aihe soud yee nond e fromth e, statem fro the federal ve gontrnmed , anouif y't can find ati cerfiedun grodhogbr ineeder ar your ea -- s >>ohe twon you uld need an rt impose licen . w >>e are t goingo beng talkiab thout edh grounemog cerony t ma new yor, a guyed nam paul es ssearchitays is hardlyor wthe th aeffort jnd notust because of ll ahe ted rap ter oec bausehe
7:51 am
rs ea . a >> lftereaast yr -->> he sitays isim syplot nhu tmaneolo hd upun grodhogske lido we . h,>> yea i't done lik that. >> no. h >>is psaropol? h >>e is a wildma anil. t >>cko chu thee livdc woohuckid eair entely. >>be may we w hillave syomebod in aro gundhogos ctume.>> what a about gl?erbi yowould au haveen issuh witarb geil.>> he is dcaomestited so ild wouno .t have >>ru febdary 2ns i notry jer gilda isy, it un grodhog, day we a needun grodhog because he's wa the iyt has aslway a beennd 'sthat w the iayt shoulde. b >> inun grod. >> theon csensus isle car. w >>dohat younk thi aboutou grdandhog yeb celsrationit wh noro g?undhog>> itt juswould bein wter. >> ah. y >>ou areed worri aboutte clima gechan.>> tu forlynate, tiid dd fina r lonendgroufohog hir tsk' wees atcelebricion whesh giver hot anyeher o ar tfind ama pernent pl reenacem t. y >>hoou s'tuldndo be iting wi th aro gogundh.>> andes giv m the tayorime. too >>ou how wld you proposece
7:52 am
o>> td fina wayo tce balan. h onis soxoapb. >>ay mor, anyim te.>> iav he toon work on that e. >>ha tts iad goo. point >> >> d: osgoola coldpyex nt. >> and l -ater- ll>> a myri fsend'ld chinoren kw a mes sndpace a myid ks kwnoem th by f their nirst tameoo.
7:53 am
>> inworkthg wiam er mein arican ctfas.orie w atteeatherch, weall is do at cree thghe hiquest italauy titomo aveccriessoes, cl ing udinr laseurmeascued omst f fit lloorerins.
7:54 am
coral1-l ca800-tsr-mawe rtatheflech lioor .ners dlprouy n made ia.americ oo>> osgd: cyoldplae mad aclocks hit backn i2002.>> t faswa forrd toex nunt sdaywh en thed banys pla atim halfte t inerhe supow bl. t righnow,ho t tugh,ehey aruc stitk whnt a mhony, asonfor theec rord. n>> o tothe lf osonyic psture ud stioslo in sel anges, in
7:55 am
he relsarsas thias pt week for r theipesur hbowlimalfteho sw. >>hi ts is s theuper bowl s,tage ou withtny a of thege gadtry? ig>> rht. yobut uic bas callyedreat a ag stthe atth is ame seiz se it a iser supow blta sge? >> yes.ho fupelly.>> >> for the bs and'four ciprin,plesui gsttariny jon ck bu,landmm druer willmp chaion, p bassrlaye guyry berman, and t fronhr man cisti marn,s it' thegg big est gi tofheiree carr. >>te repor wr:hat's theau cedien fors thi? lit'sike aaz gonilli pe?eopl>> i t ihinkt is g 3onazilli, al actuly.>> if shiometoeng gsng wro, it oiis gong t be a p bigofart it. >>te reporr:y m dteaughr said s thetweetes thingte yesrday,e sh sw aid houare yong feeli thabout re supe bowl? rsof couree we atl a lite bit ounervhes, sd, saiad d, worstth ouat cld hyoappen llu wi get
7:56 am
ha tatt's wh she said. af and mter aonth oro seo pple ll wit jus ft.orge>> ir thege bigstho sw willo als irbe theho srtest.>> id messep. u t do iagain. i >>ed lovhe tho wlece conpt of ng tryio tnt preseou yre entir camusi llifen i a12 and half te 's aat grell chaenge. e >> havguyou fiutred oha wut yo goare in dg to?o yet >>e wav heos psibly 1 got1 goodmi s.nute w sovee hae sompe scialst gues d an wtheyill c toverhe rest. t >>arhey eoi gong te be lik afansowll dne, herig rht? >> yes. tandnhe- - yes.>> il wil bein fe.>> se thoue ghasts otve n been fi oflycialam ned, t but hhereave en bent plefy o h.ints hi>> tays m be bceeyon'sfo t.otprin>> 'd i say she h waserebo aut ur fors hou. agole oot's lak for o >> boney wces ho iinla coldpy's
7:57 am
theee wkend,s ixp eected ton joi .them awithernothal hmeftiw sho te ve bran,runos. mar >> the ipo ske t oo onef the r otheis artt whose didt iaew far yeans ago ed h said,ou y gotto m beeusclor memy.>> ll reay? i >>ts ius jllt an dow -- >> after brucegs sprinteen i mbreme ieredze reali i wasar stsing hi gruffcc aent, yougo kt to enowvery note,an m. ha>> twht's ruat bceai sd. 2>> 1 mesinut, itin a'tg, lon itbut on's lgug enoh. >> l atook thers sta,ow hy thesh foine r you. itthe brndish baha tt broke ug thro bhinehd twithheir hitye llow20 in a00ndas hd sol some m 80liilon records. ll wiel cebrate i0tts 2h veannithrsary isr. yea>> s doe it feel l20ike years?>>
7:58 am
at not . allmo nre tha half our lives. >> one ofme testantsat is th yougu reys all sti tr.ogethe h.>> yea w >>dill an guyd sai you guys asare se clo asro pyobably u e havever been.>> didy? the 's that good.wh tateverheyay s, weo, d i findit is aei wrd limbo. rewe a not anrg emeing bandan wymore,noe are ge lonwr a ne , bandweand er are c ntainlyotqu ite tha ot sortf heritageva lue.>> ar we eer ent ning a pewhaseof ia denlbo atu how w olde. are>> its iaid mlife csiris.>> he ty areon as e ccritile cald , themthe bstiggeng youishk rocba ndoi gng. >>n youigish, ik let. tha>> e wy onl just added. thishey th w arerie ash.>> do you feelou yh.ngis>> i ampy hap toe b cdalle gi younsh.>> ls feed. goo >>h isis aom cenplimt? yeah. i>>t isar fm fro the wstorin th cgy oldpla bhaseen called.
7:59 am
anbr tded mheelwlooc rkers themo stns iblufferaed banofhe tde .cadebu art m stinays thens iults n'dostt ing a.nymore >> i feelik le wend sou the way aywe alws wanted to. wandele fe aet peac witht wha h we daveoneo t get here. hi>> w ich tmpliesashere w a operiodfyo time enu wer't lyentireac at pethe wi it. >> i well,hi tnk a wnybodyhenyo t u stara band,r youse purpois er nev tod offenny abody, andwh gen you aet to cinerta level of success ands it'ar appent outhat yof have sfendedomepe -ople ->> es y. - >>- it took me i andnk thi it u tookhis a wle toet l t ahatllgo . a >>fnd ie someo pple don't likeu, yos that' fine?>> yeah, in mea ity realls. ii dwoulfe prer tveo ha a. t >>hen plas iow n ma, thed banis now pg lanninwa neiu stadm ftoursor thium shemer, tir
8:00 am
o>> d you likeei bngn othe road? i >> love beingn othed. roa >>he wren we a a olln sgeta, i fe lele ik si amayingt wha i nt wa s tonay i theay w i want. he>> wn i am m withyid ks, i lfeel tikeshat'll reay me, andwh e en wonare ta sge, i feelth at. too t>> wha do your kinids thk ofyo usur m ic? t >> ihink we make it on to ourki yds pla liststi swhll, ich isod go . re>> thes i s huch aighth d resholhefor t km, younow,ca beeyuse thot are nre impssed - with - th>> any ing. s >>eno whla you py a srong four yoid kres, a a youe littlne s?rvou>> yeah. >> >>sp eiaecllys thium alb. >> mn'artisld chiren,it wh rm foifer wene gwythtr palow, s mosewhos iow nnd 9 a alepp1, 1ng si onol csdplay'es latt album afu head drll of eams. e >> w haveot got a l ofue gsts er singas on ea h od fullfdr .eams >> ingncludi yourx- ewife.>>
8:01 am
>>ow h didha ttpe hapn?>> justal naturly. n >> i the songr evelo gw, the s actresisly bareab auditlen ie thac bdkgroun as mnartigs sin. >> howom cehi tvengs mo on? chowomear cson d'tw slowhen it s feellike tndhe ef o my? world>> thats iom sngethit tha she tsaid?o you>> ea yh.>> s andoou y wanted her t sogin it? >>h. yea >>t' thasen g ierous,. think>> of her, yeah. >> >> ep rorter: whene w first ttalked mhisitonth, j was aust ftweek aer davidow bied. die>> when the news camehr tough ou abti davd,s that'o s- -in' dot eknven owow hal to tk
8:02 am
v it's serytrange toe m that he otis ner h ae,nymoreut b he wasin e myncxperiete jus lovely. >>or reparter: m stinays heon skce aed bowieo tla py on a hasong t ct hadome toim h in aea dr m. wa>> he s sode wonlyrful ushumoroin and kd in his sadismis l. e we wer pon the, hone iand , said dwhattho you ouink abtis th ? e>> h said, o ih,t's nneot of oyo esur bt,hr wd i >> and wrehat we youhi tg?nkin i >> wasik le, k younow h what,e isig rht. ithissbl (eep). ut>> b atst lea c i sanay we rt so w ofdorkehe togetr. >>ep r norter:ext sy,unda thebe list selanng bfd os thi y centurwillla pye befor what d coulbe theig bgest tvie audnceev er. >>te im --s it' a very dntiffere nd ki ofer panformcet, isn' it? >> ihi tnk b i'de moreus nervo he if ty said ye ou havtola py inth re supel. bow wthat bouldye wase wor. l >> tikehele titf o this
8:03 am
ntadve ouref aim lifete. >> >> sealyak tses u bk,act. nex >>ew somhereen betwe my child chdhild ood an kmy'sidhi cldhood
8:04 am
>> o >> isgood:sn't itut abo time eto givhe tl formare addss a fu llur bial?so ay surs oon cuttribor. n >> whe ai wasid k we cdalle everyea tevcher, eryen part, neanyor oveagthe oe0,f 2 it em semred, m. oro rs. sand so. ev we ner dedream of a using ow grs nup't s itillre addss thear ptsen of cmyodhildhot besri fendmr as .an d mrs. j.ames iem rrembe f aeelinge fre zone ofle gefulur matity at four s yeard olenwh i i wasednvit to mcallncy daeea tcher
8:05 am
ca the erll h by f theirst name i d namemy petck chiener aft. her >> buthe somewrewe bet meny oochildhmyd and 's kid chohildod ki sdsongng usi a mr. mndrs.nd a omostsf upp stoedro intngduciea thch oser thi way. >> most crehildnw kno mey bac pe th and et mosor fitmaly my son ti artecula hs weede call ourog dun jucle an. >>y surele therareac lehe wre g younre add tsshemtr syictl asmr d . an bmrs. tut ihink tshi en trwad tosird uirng fesst namwi nlll oyro ps.gres thand oat'swikay th me.ou rie socety morha tnve eres tri s totayng youot, nhingge as you re moed immlyiaten thang bei edcall mrs. m weeay b adults bute w't don el fe, old we areom bec pingtarenen wh ourar pentse becaman grtsdparench, oueck tht eo photof my gmorandn ther omy nt paredi's wedng day, mygr otandmwaher as myge at, erdaught w'sngeddiec, dadesgo a, uagradtingo t amr.ndrs m. was en se as as anie achntvemeoy, b you
8:06 am
rlst fele lik wrsinne whenth ey got their. mrseedegrs, plenty ofen wom g boynd ms. a a haveif dferent neamn thahe tir s spouses.or kid>> an i wort meas cual,ie lads t don' wwearhiteve glos, old s folkenwear ges short on neairplaes rid and who has stand wh to, o t hastoime ta sndn i alineeys thte wrir youlast oname tnhe ce >> mtlosy it draemonsttes weha veom bece a moreli egatarian y societpoand ints to an ut evol tion in whe wayooe l aktch .ildren rewe tm at theass, equalse becauey th areeo pple. th aey oreurqu es,alot nn i riexpe, enceinbut itampornce, ey th doee ndnt bowdan disdul res thbut reey apl peoite wh ueniqu s need tandheirwn od kinf o .wisdomst juds as ki t need loearn to t respecrthei es,lder a were a et socihay tt iinncreasglyen arr'ts outh you. ot i tallyor hon theis whes of op pehole wt wanhimy corldren me toal clm theormr. mrs., but cpleasemeall face,he wr theyou e arotw or 92.
8:07 am
ter me.>> . w soee ar t going woin.>> oo osgexd: n t. w >>ree aoi gong tak meri ameca t greaaiag n. i >>l wil ndot nee aou tofr he t whitese hou. o >>sgood:nt clioion gng upn o
8:08 am
o >>d:sgooon just e day now to u gohentil t iowaau cs.cuseou jor maarr g hrettnas bee ki tracng thepa camignsro fm the ryvert sta.>> we are gooing te makme aricagr ageat ain. >> wede ne ait polical vo reluonti. co>> wel tmetho ere piasidentl gncampait thaak bres allhe t rules.t leme say, i am aan miac. andve eonryone this stage isup stfaid, t and ugly. th and aen youre aer te,ribl and yben, aou arebl terrie s,urgeonw nowe that heavte gotnhe t na doruld tormp p otionfut o the y wa -- t >> iherees th c youan't say at the. rul lddonamp truak brets i atlmosil da y. s>> isima is king and tremeous
8:09 am
(b epleou) oft m. the >> nova ol oefficac v fancyor alsocitsis?>> er bnie,er bnie! >> t bellerniede sanrs. >>he t nextre pntside.>> a draemocticoc sstiali aicertcanly an beilnd w.l be >>nd arm aada ofam cnpaigas ch and aam flaous stam ne have menever ssant le . >> i am in thebl estaenishmt us becaade my d t,here g matestan e alivrewas p osidentef thun editte stad s anmy berroth, o whido are asel w il,s afa tintasroc b wtherassi pre.dent w>>nhey mus hband was pderesint wead hmi 23 n lliojobsnd ain encome wort up f eryve.body>> d gooinmorn fg,.olks nd>> ait s vtingicesi presdent n' dovet ha i theensidra tck.>> nf uteortuna bly, i welievee tare ou ofim te. ti the me nsaecesry to mntou a nn wicaing gnmpai t forhe nanomi.tion he>> tern th te ishe all men cls ton hastthe bee chanc in yhistor tore bak aea 240-ydr-olgl assei c.ling>> i cannotma inegi aonnyeei bngmo re of ande outsi trhan the rs fint woma i rean, .ally>>
8:10 am
ln vuiterabil pies,ounce. a >>nd the an merica apeoplere ck si andir ted ofri heangut aboyo amur dnedai e-mthls, yoank u, an thu.k yo >>an serds didn' si preldentiaol pitics, vegoorrnans rmd fo gernooverrsar seseuppo hd toaveui blt in >>or f woo/1 91 andea yrste afdsrwar h iado t make these ki ondfis decions.>> itke word for pt gw.eorge bu bish, llli c,ntonon raldre aagannd jimmy ctearr,ut bot n icrepublboans bbyda jinl,oc rk y perrscand ottk waleyer, th llhave a dropped outle whimo de mcratnartile o'malyst s rugglein single digits.>> we neede moreb dates.>> withon mtagef oar elier id presbaent deovtes eaer yrs,an td mosiz bfarre o all,te at andancet ari pimme tete selevibad dete isn'tn eve ormandat y. f>> sit more aoo g td,hing a d bang thi,il w ilet ge morvo tes?wi gll iets les, votesod noby
8:11 am
>>ha wtbo aut gerovningex enperipoce, cilitiwians th the tleaser expe,ienc tedru cz,ma rco r,ubiomp trund ave eben nca hrson tavedurneha tt qiouestn deupsin, dow it's. t>> ias h hhiurt y llartoclinn m asuch ass it' hd.elpe >>il i wl n noteed t aofour the it whe house.>> he t onlyul r tehatms seeo t pl ap ty is oheldul roes nge lonrap ply. h >> ai, howre? you n>>ew ones are being writtenda ily and thero imponvisatial s resultain iow andn dowthe a roadree' anyonsue >> >> g alon swith,upport anchartix (vlienicisne) n proveto pe help uiople qint smok g. tichannix defieltely hreped y duce mo urge tsmoke. me soe peoplchhad sangein io behavnkr, thi ming orood,
8:12 am
a ornsctiole whiin tak g orte afopr st cpingixhant. so adme hzu sei reswh taile ckingixhant. hif youy ave an tof,hese cstopixhant c andyoall ur ct doigor rwaht ay. ll ter youordoctut abo y anorhisty enof mhetal palthemroblhis, wcochgeuld rst wo oe orizf seures. n'do ct takeixhantf iveyou' had a ouseriles al orgicr in skct reatoion it. ouif yth have ese, cstop ahantixl nd calyour or doct a rightway omas sbee can th life-inreateng. ll ter youctdof or ihayou heveorart od blose vesobl pr,lems or el devewop n orrs wompe sy.toms t gecamedilpl heht rigy awa ouif ye havtosympms of ea a httrt aorack ok stre. eadecrlcse a uoholhise w le ngtakint chaix. us ute cawhion rien d ovingr er opg atininmachery. mo omst csimon ffde e ectis se naua. be a ing smnon- foker geels.reat
8:13 am
o >> hsgood:aere k loo tatheek wehe anad our oda sunyng mornile candar. imondays nlationa freedom day,e th 151st asanniver try ofheay d enpresidt lcointln sen theh 13t enamendm atinbolishgla sovery tth ate stores fic ratifn.atioon ue t,sdayrg aumentth matewpe kerry mas hiseb duts a apl htaywrig a while slsointarr g in the world pe remierof "the end ofng longi" at are theat in nd loon. >>sd wedneeeay, sshe tua annl re empi state binuildung rup inne w york c 8ity,6 sestorie, onth wius tho6and 57 s.teps sdthursay i worldan ccer day, d aimeatng raisi anewarefss o adi
8:14 am
ll8 miopion peunle arod therl woyd everea yr. onda friy,at nionalth weaerrs peayon's d isn iur oec t marks bheirthn i1744 ofrl eariy amecaner weath ovebserrhn jo jesefferi. and ntuext sardayig n tht,hefl nld hos itsua annl awardhos swju adst ahe ofda sunpey's sur ofth, c course,an be sneeri reght he on cbs. nd >> a with t ghat weo now to johnic dkersonn ias wn hingtofor oka lo at whats ihe aad oen "facth ate ngoion", odor mning, john. oo >> gord m,ning cs,harlet jusada o y to g tbeforeheg votin inwa iore, we a t goinglko ta to ld dona w trumps ho iat the top he of t polls and s menatorarco whrubio o ishi finistrng song. ha >> t,nk youn. joh we l wilbech wating. nd >> aex nwet eke her on syunda inmorng -->> c ian souee y aren i japanen
8:15 am
hoerme, evy cat. s there' ca tidyfoats atr th. ywhenldour co y makesh.ou wis .... c.youtaould sy... l d .. npod the ..wer of. th ne afw therrelu expmassx. th wee po fr tobeeel .tter sundayng mornien's momt ofna sture i sorponsed by ingle m,i'om cttmi tedimo ovprg ineth oflives ie patnts with afib. >> we leave you thisun sday im sw amingngmolu berk shaofs f
8:16 am
i rlam chaooes osgasd, ple e s join uaiagnen sxtdauny un entil thl i wilousee yhe on t radio. >> at th p mayouut yfi at ve s timetegreaskr rist of roke eyth p can oolgeto ithere n tht,hear g formin a clot cthatrean break fe trand avelreupsttham to n,e brai e wheranit c b blockfllood cow and aausee. strok bu yt ife ou havhaafib tt's noust cay ed ba t heare valvleprobm, adprcaaxa lpn hep stocl frots orom f.ming
8:17 am
edat rg ucin the oriskrof stke, a inni clitrcal wiial t thou theedne r foraregulod blots tes. iand,e n th erare ventn of ageemerncy, axpradhea is t only boralhilood tnner thother faan warn riwi th aecsp rificsaevereal trttmen p to helodyour bcly noot armallygain. ad pr naxa is ot for wpeopleavho he d haara helvt vae acreplt.emen n'doopt stin takadg pr axaouwithlkt tatoing r youordoct. pistopncng iesreasr you risktrof soroke od blots clo yoask ocur diftor youednest to raop pdaxa rebefo p anyedlannic medal orta denocl pre.edur ad prcaaxa e n causouseris, d antisome fmes,leatal bg.edin n'doket ta pxaradayo if hau bnve al ormadibleeng. d an iseekiammedmete l dica fcareor peunex scted oignseef bl,dingli nuke u bsualinruisg. adprmaaxa cry in easeuryoed bleriing sk yife ou'rol75 or der, khavey idneleprobms, acstomceh ul rs,bla ngeedidi con,tion or e takaicertdin mes.cine desiec effitts wh axpradn a caudincle in stdige sion,chtoman, paiup bset or.urning n' dostt juwi go heth tw. flo w goprith a,adax th be onlyhilood tnner lthats owerisyour rk trof sttoke ben er thaarwarfin
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ta yolk to ocur d tort aboua pradaxtoday. ca niptioadng mibe poss leby ns joh &onoh jonns, wh quere y alittsproduc for erthe amanic fhaamily nve bee ita tradr ion fotigeneraons ca ioptbyned a medissacceup growg at bhac .wcessorgbh.g by ve otwr ano a d mhalfliil onalsmcol buntriontis.
8:19 am
by ak tmoing mre oneyomfrl walrestet. i'rnm be siersande ,d anpri apthove esis mgesa. tjoinighe f ht ttobaake gck ournmoverent. d >>rsicketoon: thday wae io uc ca auses hre tere,roomorwar stitts wsth juay a dgo to fo behere ts voterspfoeak er th t firs itimempn ca 2aign6?,20 io16, awansigre d ogingut om fras a lnut-milite bd zzarof es prtiidenraal csszine.>> ha it acs rehohed oollywd >> el wmecoit we h thnext
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